Posting Scores

To post your golf score using the EWGA handicap system is easy, just follow the steps below.

You will be asked to enter your Adjusted Gross Score. You figure your Adjusted Gross Score by using the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) system.  Please see tab for Equitible Stroke Control. 
  1. In your Internet browser go to

  2. Click on the Member Clubhouse button in the left side navigation.

  3. Login to the EWGA Web Site if you need to.

  4. Click on the Handicap button in the left navigation.  You will open up a page that says My Golf Life.

  5. In the right hand column there are red buttons.  Click on the button that says Enter Score.  

  6. In the center of the page you will see a section that says Score Information.  Enter the date of the day you played your round of golf.  You can use the calendar selection tool to the right of the date entry box if you choose.

  7. Select the course where you played your round of golf.  Quite often this will be the Grove Park Golf Club.  This is your default selection as it is your home course for the EWGA handicap system.  If you played at the Grove Park Golf Club you can go to step 8.

    If you played your round elsewhere click on the red button that says Away Score: Course Finder.  Fill in the Country, State and Course you played at by using the drop down menus.

  8. To select the number of holes you played, use the drop down menu.  For the Grove Park Golf Club you can select 18 holes, Front 9 or Back 9.

  9. For the tee name select the tees you played from.  The Grove Park Inn has red, blue and gold women's tees.  Most often you will leave this at the default of Women's Red.

  10. The Rating/Slope is auto filled for you as a result of your course selection above.

  11. If an EWGA member attested to your score either type in their name or select their name from the member directory by clicking on the white box with the three small dots to the right and fill out the search form.

  12. Add check marks as appropriate if this was a Tournament round or you Played with a Member.

  13. In the blue box below Adjusted Gross Score enter your score for your round of golf.

  14. Click on the red button that says Post Score and your score will be entered into the EWGA handicap system.

  15. Review the information you have entered.  Then click on Confirm Score, Edit Score to make changes or Cancel to delete the score posting entirely.